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Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Plus More!

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Invaluable Self- Growth

"You are ALWAYS full of wonderful positive energy. You challenged me in many different ways to help me grow and become stronger mentally and physically. Through the challenges I went through you never stopped encouraging me. Your professionalism and poise is like no other. I'm thankful I had you. You're AMAZING."

-Harlequin, Adult Student

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Confidence with Care

"Thank you SO Much for helping my girls to grow in confidence and blossom as dancers...You have been such a special part of this season for us!"

-Robin, Student Mother

"Training up Life Leaders through the art of dance."

New Student Intro Program:  2 Weeks and a FREE gift for only $39

Our bodies were made to dance! No matter your size, age, or gender, learning to dance is possible! Dance can be a powerful tool to, not just help with physical fitness and coordination, but to teach self respect, discipline, determination, and team-work! Mastering these skills builds the confidence to perform well on the stage of dance AND the stage of life!

Young Ballerinas

Becoming "Life Leaders"!

Foundational Technique

Dancers with Tap Shoes

A correct curriculum approach can make all the difference in a student's experience! Our unique, fun-loving approach keeps students of all ages engaged without compromising on proper foundational dance technique.  With very passionate and professionally trained experts who value each dancer and their dance journey, we leave students knowing they are "Belamour Beloved."

Positive Transformations

As a faith based company rooted in biblical principle, our founder understands the value and power dance can have to change lives. With programs that allow students to refine their talents and strengthen their weaknesses, we encourage our students to contribute to those around them and to create a healthy and inclusive atmosphere. ​​

It's Not About The Trophies!

We take care to avoid a focus on trophies, competitions, and waistlines which can create a competitive atmosphere of anxiety and poor body image where only a few students shine and others are left on the sidelines. We encourage body positivity and self worth!

Community Impact

We believe in building up our community! When a dancer invests in their dance journey with us, they also invest in the community in which they live and learn!  Programs such as Scholarships for eligible underprivileged youth, "Spectrum Stars" , "dancing with disabilities", and our "free for fosters" are just some of the ways that our company invests to give back to our community!

"You [Belamour] are such a blessing for us and we love you!!!! You are more than just dance classes for our children!!!! Thank you for your passion and dedication, and passing that on to our children!!"                

                                                          - Tarah,  Student Parent

"You are AMAZING and have such a gift with kids! I will recommend you to any and everyone!"

                                               -Olivia, Student Mother

New Student Intro Program:  2 Weeks and a FREE gift for only $39

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