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The Bella Ballerina

"The best party character we've ever had!"

The Bella Ballerina is a professional party/event character for hire played by Jenna Jones, who has over 22 years of experience in the performing arts, & over 7 years experience as a party/event personality. At Bella Ballerina parties, we pride ourselves in both quality and affordability, not compromising one for the other, while also leaving every party participant blessed with an experience that excites and fulfills a little Ballerina's dreams! The Bella Ballerina's party packages include dance lessons, your own mini performance, party favors, plus more, either at our own venue, or at your own! Check out our party packages and book your party for a classy, unique, and best of all, FUN party, today! 

Ballet Shoes

"If you’re looking for something unique, classy, and fun for your daughter’s next birthday party or “girls night”, consider Bella Ballerina. She is amazing and will not disappoint!"

Stephanie Schmahl , mother of twin toddlers

Why "The Bella Ballerina?"

As a faith based company rooted in biblical principle, The Bella Ballerina, with Belamour Ballet Dance & Leadership Academy, prides herself in authenticity, inclusivity, as well as quality. Offering fun and entertaining teaching at a professional level with proper technique in an encouraging and loving environment for both, parties, & in her dance programs, is just one thing that sets her company apart from others!

For more information on available Belamour Ballet dance programs:


Party Descriptions, Packages and More!

Pink Balloons

Private Parties

A Bella Ballerina party package is a one-of-a-kind experience! 

Serving the Middle Tennessee area, every party package is determined by size of party participants. This way, no matter the package, you get all those "extras" already included, but without pesky extra fees or charges!
Each package automatically includes: Your very own professional Ballerina for a whole hour, A meet and greet, Creative Stretches & warm-ups with games, A small dance the party participants may learn/perform, A mini pointe performance prepared by The Bella Ballerina, Gifts and Treats for every party  participant, A special gift for the birthday celebrant, Poses for Pictures, and Final farewells.
 Package 1: Between 4-6 party participants (not including the birthday celebrant) 
Package 2: For 10 or less party participants (not including the birthday celebrant)
Package 3: For more than 10 party participants


Contact us for Package Pricing!


Private lessons

Like a personal trainer, but it's a dance instructor! The talented and experienced Mrs. Jenna teaches ages 3 to adult, specializing in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more! Prices are made affordable to you when you register for a committed program, and fit your own schedule at your own pace! These bookings fill up fast, so book your slot now to get your optimal pricing opportunity!

Pointe sewing & care classes

Knowing how to care for and sew your pointe shoes is a very vital step to moving up to a pointe level. Whether it's a single dancer or a whole class of pre-pointe, having an expert teach you all the tips and tricks of sewing and keeping good care of your pointe shoes can make all the difference in your dancer's journey. With over 18 years of experience fitting, sewing, dancing, and caring for pointe shoes, The Bella Ballerina creator, Mrs Jenna Jones, will come to you and teach you and your dancer(s) not just how to sew and care for your pointes properly, but also the why behind it! Understanding the history and foundation of the shoe helps a dancer to appreciate the challenge, beauty, and significance of pointe, leading them to a better respect for their own art form, and excites them for their upcoming pointe lessons. Classes usually last an hour, and include an optional follow up and/or consultation.
Contact us for Pricing Information!

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

The Bella Ballerina Encouragement

A Bella Ballerina is both kind and sweet. She extends a helping hand to every friend she meets. She always does just what she says, she'll stick with you til the end. A Bella Ballerina's kind and sweet. 
A Bella Ballerina stands big and tall! For she knows that she's a princess of the highest king of all. She is honest, but with grace. She tries not to speak in haste. A Bella Ballerina stands big and tall!
For she's as beautiful on the outside as she's in, She uses strength to not give up, even if a day falls dim.
Oh, a Bella Ballerina, should you ever meet, respects a gracious curtsy with your feet!

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