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Currently the Largest Adult Dance Program in Wilson County!

A Progressive Program for Beginner and Experienced Adult Dancers

Belamour Ballet Dance Academy offers adult classes in levels for both new and experienced dancers. Unlike many other studios, these classes are true “adult only” classes and are limited to dancers ages 16 and up so even as a beginner, you won’t find yourself at the barre next to the 5-year-old from down the street! Whether you're new to dance or you danced for years as a child and want to get back out on the floor, we have a program for you.  Get started now with a two-week intro program for only $39.

Adult Dance Classes

Classes are available in beginner through advanced levels in the following styles:

Ballet: Build strength, grace, poise, and flexibility in levels from absolute beginner through advanced.  Ballet training provides a strong foundation for all styles of dance.  Learn technique and terminology in a progressive program for adults.

Tap: An upbeat program where your feet become part of the music.

Jazz: Popular music and movements keep you fit and flexible and help develop expression and artistry.

Not Sure Where You Should Start?

No problem!  Give us a call or click on Get Started below and we'll contact you to answer your questions, suggest the best classes for your level, or to schedule and in-class evaluation to make sure we get you in the best program for your current level. 


More than just a dance studio, Belamour Ballet dance programs build character and leadership skill alongside dance technique!

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Pre-Dance|Ages 2-3

Helping preschoolers build a love for dance in a preparatory program that emphasizes learning classroom skills and having fun.


Fundamentals| Ages 5-Adult

New students learn the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and jazz in fun, age-appropriate programs that focus on establishing a strong foundation.


Advanced Training

From late beginner through intermediate and advanced levels, students develop technique and artistry as they progress with Belamour Ballet.

"...I can't express enough, how much the difference you've made in my daughter. She flourishes ever since starting your class. She wants to be just like Miss Jenna when she grows up!"

-Rachel, Student Mother

Belamour Staff

Founder and program director, Jenna Jones has been dancing for over 28 years, and teaching and choreographing for 16 years. With an extended back ground in the performing arts, and experience in the semi-professional community of classical ballet, she not only brings an exceptional quality of dance teaching, but also an invaluable passion and joy for each and every student.


Under her management, the Belamour Ballet staff team also consists of other beautiful hearts such as, Instructor Jane Smittkamp,, Instructor Ashli Townsend, Instructor Apprentice Abby Stem,, and Student Success Associates Mrs. Lisa Silvey & Mrs. Michelle Hunter.

Building a Strong Foundation

With Belamour Ballet, students ages 5 to 16 learn the dance technique, terminology, and skills that provide a strong foundation for future learning. Classes differ from: ballet, tap, and jazz. 



Ballet is the foundation of dance training. Students develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance by practicing ballet. All dance styles will refer to ballet technique and terminology. 


Tap & Jazz:

 In tap classes, students develop rhythm and precision as they learn to move their feet to the beat. Jazz dance training helps students build expression and artistry in their movements. 

Advanced Training

Level 2

After mastering the fundamentals of dance, youth continue to develop their skills and have additional training opportunities as they progress through higher level classes. New students with previous dance experience may also be accepted to more advanced level classes after being evaluated by an instructor.

Level 2 students add additional skills and training to the foundation established in their fundamentals class.

Level 3

At the Level 3 or late beginner stage, students devote additional time to their genre of choice.

Levels 4 & 5

Intermediate and advanced dancers at levels 4 and 5 become more focused on their ballet training, still have the options to add additional tap, jazz classes and begin developing the strength for advanced technique in pre-pointe or pointe classes.



dance prof 2.jpg

Building a Strong Foundation

Preschoolers love dancing with Belamour! Pre Dance classes teach ballet technique in fun, age-appropriate classes that introduce our youngest dancers to dance basics and let them express their natural love of movement.

Click below to get started with a two-week trial of classes that includes FREE ballet slippers!

Ages 2-3

 2 and 3 year old students dance in a once-a-week, parent-assisted class that uses props, games, and music to teach coordination, counting, dance and pre-acrobatic skills while focusing on important classroom behaviors like listening to the teacher, following directions, and taking turns!

Ages 3-5

When ready to take class independently, 3 to 5 year-old dancers continue to practice their ballet and tap basics, and begin learning simple choreography as they prepare for their first performances with the Belamour Ballet!

"...I could actually see my daughter learning foundational skills and retaining them! She is always talking about you and has so much fun!"
-Stephanie, Student Mother

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